About Me

Hello and welcome! I am a nationally published writer with more than 20 years of writing experience. I have been a national correspondent/journalist, freelance writer for magazines both on and off-line, a blogger and social media addict, and an editor. I am a generalist who has written hard news as well as soft. I most enjoy writing human interest pieces, and I have vast experience in PR/marketing as well. I met my husband on Twitter so it's safe to say that I am quite adept at utilizing new media and thus handling any social media needs a client may have.

My love for entertainment led me to branch out into covering live events such as concerts, sports, theater and the arts. No matter the topic or media type, my passion for writing and creating a visual experience for readers through written word has helped carry me far in my career.

I am more eager than ever to bring a story to life, to create gripping and engaging social media content, and to work together with companies that need a motivated, energetic and talented writer who can meet their creative needs.